Features List

NEW! Version 4.0 Features
REST is the best getting better.

Redesigned interface with scaling and zooming for multiple screen sizes, window management features and a more unified look and feel.

With over a hundred new data fields, live web-searches resulting from data already residing in REST and handy new tooltips everywhere, REST does even more for your real estate business’s organization, efficiencies and quality of service levels.
People Area
Web-viewer search results based on People record address data. Included search results from Google, Zillow, Trulia, Yahoo and others. Plus, you can add up to 5 additional custom views calculated from data residing in REST.

Customizable Default Role field for display in Transactions and associated relationships. For example: view People related to a Property, Activity, Attachment, or Note and know their role, such as Buyer, Seller, Appraiser, Title Rep, Listing Agent, etc.

Web-viewer search results based on 15 new Target Property fields. Included search results from Google, Zillow, Trulia, Yahoo and others. Plus, you can add up to 5 additional custom views calculated from data residing in REST.

Web-viewers based on 3 new social media address fields for Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn.

Primary and Secondary photo fields.

Tab view of all referrals related to a People record.
Properties Area
Web-viewer search results based on Property record address data. Included search results from Google, Zillow, Trulia, Yahoo and others. Plus, you can add up to 5 additional custom views calculated from data residing in REST.

90 new fields added for property description, including Features, Dimensions, Construction, Financial, Legal and Community.

Web-viewers based on 3 new Property Marketing fields for Agent site, Property Tour, and MLS

Create Property flyer for printing or include in bulk mailing from REST, to one or many.

Price per square foot field.

More Property Owner data displayed in Property Owner detail tab.
Activities Area
You can now advance a found set of activities by any number of days or to a certain date en-masse.

For example: Show a list of activities related to a transaction that has been postponed and advance them 30 days.
Calendar Area
A new Calendar Menu with features and key combinations for fast navigation.

Calendar file now built into REST file.
Mail Area
Add Property flyer as attachment to email, send to one or many.

Send email directly from REST via SMTP or using your email client.

Added Headline feature for postal mailings.
Transactions Area
Lock/archive transaction data specific to the people involved at the time the transaction was closed. For example, a title representative is recorded with their company affiliation contemporary to the sale.

Role-based transaction participation; each transaction can now have multiple buyers, sellers and agents with each stipulated by their role and position.

New Listing Number field.

New Days On Market (DOM) field.

New MLS# field (in addition the MLS# field in Properties Area).

New Memo field for Disbursements tab.

New Report Yes/No field for Notes tab .

Navigate to Vendor People record from Vendors tab.

New Default Transaction Disbursements (splits) for new transactions from User Preferences.

Added Status field optionsfor Withdrawn and Expired.

Default List View nowshows current year only.
Action Templates Area
Duplicate an Action Template and all it’s steps.
Preferences Area
User Preferences and System settings in separate tabs for easier team administration.

New Send Email Via SMPT or Client options.

New Default Disbursements for Transactions.

New System Settings Area shows user accounts, default field selection lists for People, Properties and Transactions, Default Transaction date labels, Do-Not-Call/Do-Not-Email and Asset Tracking.

Added 3 new fields, Model Number, Serial number and Comment to Assets Area.
Partial Features List
We didn't want to go overboard.
People Area
Create unlimited People Groups

Track Birthdays & Anniversaries

Include Spouse/Other on Mail option

Address use choice for Mail

Track lead Source

Copy Source on email to referral

Track other important numbers (ex. number of activities done for person)

Track Company info

Relate to Activity, Property, Note, Attachment, People Group, Project or Transaction

Track Mail history

Find on any part of a phone number

Print person data report

Print people more/less reports

Do Not Call (DNC) - create your own and/or import the national DNC list

Do Not Email (DNE) - flag email address with DNE and email will not send
Properties Area
Create unlimited Property Groups

Edit property field names

Store direct link to individual agent property reports (if your MLS allows)

Store direct link to individual property tax assessor pages

Include Showing Instructions on property reports

Relate to Activity, Person, Note, Attachment, Property Group or Transaction

Print property data report

Print property more/less reports
Activities Area
Date stamp activity details (includes user name)

Categorize by activity types, sub types and list type

Prioritize activities

Relate any Activity to any People, Property, Transaction or Project

View Activities by To-Do List, Today, Week or Month

View Activities in Calendar (categorized as Event)

Print your to-do list
Attachments Area
Attachments can be any web site or document

Relate any Attachment to any People, Property, Project or Transaction
Calendar Area
View your Calendar in Day, Week, Month and Year views

Jump directly to today with the Today button

Text color options for Calendar (users have different colors)
Mail Area
Produce Postal and Email mailings

Add People and People Groups to mailing with single click

Include header and footer graphics to postal mail

Add personalized text to individual People

Omits duplicate records from Mailing groups

Add personalized text to referral source copy-forward

Create/store Mail Templates

Print letters (8.5 x 11) and envelopes (#10)

Print thank you cards (6 x 9) and TYN envelopes (6 x 9)

Print Avery 1'' labels and Dymo shipping labels
Notes Area
Search on any part of any Note

Add endless notes to any People, Property, Transaction or Project
Projects Area
Describe an intended successful outcome and list the Activities to achieve it

Assign each Activity to individual Users (Multi User version)

Add Notes and Attachments to each Project
Transactions Area
Transactions real-time income overviews & auto calculating fields

Print transaction reports or create password-protected PDF

Track dates, vendors, activities, attachments (digital document management)

Track disbursements and notes

Set date and vendor preferences

Export transaction data to Excel for further analysis
Action Templates Area
Create and apply unlimited repeatable marketing and/or transaction action plans

Assign action template items to individual users (Multi User version)
Campaign Execution Area
Filter by date, type, description or person

Process campaign items that are scheduled to be sent on any given date
Preferences Area
Enter text to appear under your name on letters and email

Set the top margin for printed letters

Insert graphics for printed letters & envelopes

Choose to print a return address on envelopes or not

Store URL preferences for MLS and Tax page links

Set Properties field name defaults for new Properties

Set up default Dates and preferred Vendors for new Transactions

Store Do Not Call and Do Not Email preferences

Manage REST w/U synchronization

Manage Users access level and passwords (Multi User version)

Set record sharing preferences

Allow team member to-do list sharing
Multi User Version
Up to 250 simultaneous Users

Owner, Manager, Coordinator and Agent access levels

Runs on standard wired or wireless networks

Set up wide-area-network without using internet browser software

Allows users in Multi User to navigate as if in Single User
System Wide
276 editable fields

115 data layout views

Find anything, anywhere

View in list or detail

Sort by column in list view

Tool tips

Keyboard shortcuts

Record sharing (Multi User version)

Print to PDF

Auto-generating drop-down menus

Export your data from any area (.csv, Excel, etc.)

Page-thru records or go to first/last

Record number indicated

Found set indicated

Total records indicated

Sorted status indicated

Seamlessly move from area to area through fully relational database system

Set home view preference

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