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Which best describes you?
Option 1 —
Single User

I work alone and do not need remote access. I have a desktop computer and work out of one location or I will carry my database with me on my laptop computer or flash drive.
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Option 2 —
Single User with
Remote Access

I work alone and need remote access*. I’ll store my database on my home or office computer so I can use it there, but I also travel with a notebook computer and/or iOS device and want to access my data while on the road.
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Option 3 —
Multi User / Team

I work with others and we’d like shared remote access.* We'll store our team database on a home or office computer so it can be used there, but we want team access for any combination of desktop, laptop and iOS computers.

We may consider using our own dedicated server or the RESTAssured hosting service.
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$399 / User

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Option 4 —
RESTAssured Hosting Service for Single or Multi User/Team Remote Access

I work alone or with others and would like remote access for any combination of desktop, laptop and iOS computers and I'd like you to host my file for me. Better yet, please make sure my file is routinely updated and backed-up and, while you're at it, let's consider this as rent-to-own, so if I host for at least 10 months, I can leave and take my complete REST file with me.

$149/user set-up + $34.98/mo
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$34.98 monthly / user

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For remote access, simply run REST on your home or office computer. It's called 'hosting' and is extremely easy to set-up. We'd be glad to help! There are other hosting options too to fit any scenario — contact us for a free consultation!

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